Anti Wrinkle Day Cream 50ml

Antiwrinkle Moisturizing Facial Day Cream With Organic Argan Oil and Organic Olive Oil.

Modern Life With its Extreme Stress and Environmental Pollution Significantly Increase the Needs of Facial Skin. The Day Cream of the Argan Treasures Line Contains all the Essential Ingredients That Enhance Skin Defence, Maintaining the Normal Function, Elasticity and Freshness of Your Face. Apart From the Vitamin Anti-wrinkle Argan and Olive Oils, it Contains Prickle Pear and Saffran Extracts, Wheat Protein, Shea Butter, Vitamin A, E and Sunscrean from Protection From the Dangerous Sunlight. It is Also Enriched With Carnosine, a Powerful Anti-wrinkle Ingedient That Provides a Protective Effect for the Skin Collagen and Elastin and the Unique ''Trimoist'' System Providing Deep Lasting Hydration at 3 Levels. 1- It Creates a Protective Film. 2- It Stabilizes the Natural Lipid Grid. 3- It Provides Powerful Moisturizing Agents. (50ml)

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