Coconut Hair & Skin Oil 2 in 1 120ml

Protecting, Rebuilding, Moisturising Oil for all hair and skin Types with Coconut, Olive and Aloe's Organic Oils.
HAIR: The 2 in 1 coconut oil with vitamins C, E & F, surrounds the hair with a thin, invisible film, protecting it from moisture loss and high temperatures of hairdryers and ironing, contributing to healthy hair growth. Protects & rebuilds thin and weak hair, giving volume & shine. 
SKIN: Cares the skin gently, creating a shield against moisture loss, replenishing the lost elasticity and skin freshness. Its ultra-light, dry composition leaves your skin hydrated, smooth and soft. Absorbed immediately. Non oily.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE - HAIR: Apply in clean - dry or wet - hair, a small amount making gentle massage with fingers , especially at the edges. Without rinsing.
SKIN: Apply a suitable amount anywhere on the skin, avoiding mucous membranes, making gentle massage until absorbed. (120ml)
Sales price: 13,00 €
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