Magic Hair Oil UV Agan & Avocado 50ml

Magic hair oil for protection from sun and heat. Nourishes and restores the hair, thanks to its organic argan and avocado oils. Leaves hair shiny and soft.

Pharmaid's magic hair oil protects your hair from sunlight, adverse environmental effects and the heat of hair-dryers and straightening irons. Our Ecocert-certified avocado and argan oils, rich in vitamins and polyunsaturated acids, together with the formulation's other active ingredients, restore hair structure and create a nourishing veil around them, protecting from moisture loss, breakage and split ends. Its very light formula immediately leaves your hair silky soft, bouncy and shiny, without greasing.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Apply a small amount to clean dry or wet hair, and massage gently with fingers. NO NEED TO RINSE. (50ml)

Sales price: 12,80 €
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