Panthenol Extra Face & Body Cream 60ml

Deeply moisturising soothing face and body cream with ceramides and anti-inflammatory action, rich in healing ingredients.

Pharmaid's Panthenol Extra cream is suitable for the daily care of your face and body, especially for dry and irritation-prone skin. It contains 5% provitamin B5 (panthenol), which is converted into vitamin B5 on the skin and hydrates efficiently while supporting the skin's natural renewal process. Its new light texture, with 100% Ecocert-certified vegetable-based emulsifiers and non-fatty oils, rejuvenates and refreshes the skin, leaving it velvety, elastic and radiant.

MAIN ACTIVE INGREDIENTS.Ceramides: The skin's natural protective shield, which leave the skin firmer and smoother. They provide intensive nourishment and lasting regeneration, while strengthening the internal skin layers. Vitamin E: Perhaps the most valuable ingredient for protecting skin against ageing. Trimoist: Offers deep, lasting hydration, thanks to its triple action: 1. it creates a protective film 2. it stabilises the natural lipid matrix 3. it provides powerful moisturising agents. With neutral pH. It is absorbed immediately.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Use Panthenol Extra daily, as a day cream. Spread evenly over the body, face, neck and décolleté. It can also be used as a make-up base. (60ml)

Sales price: 6,80 €
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