Allerg Αid Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera 50ml

Anti-Allergic Cream With Healing & Antiflogistic Ingredients, Rich in Tea Tree and Aloe Vera.

Thanks to its Soothing and Healing Ingredients (Aloe, Panthenol, Allantoin, Chamomile Oil, Calcium Pantothenate and Urea), it Effectivelly in Cases of Skin Problems Such as Itching, Rashes Caused by the Sun, Heat, Insect Bites, Chlorine in Pools, Atmospheric Pollution e.t.c. Also Enriched With Tea Tree Oil (a Natural Antiseptic Agent) for Maximum Protection Against Infections. An Enriched Formula With Ingredients Known for Their Soothing Action, it Oggers Effectiveness and Protection That Lasts. (50ml)

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