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Dear interested partners.

Pharmaid is a steadily growing dynamic Greek company founded in 2005 and specializes in the production and marketing of natural cosmetics, sunscreens & parapharmaceuticals based on the power and secrets of nature. The headquarters of the company is located in the privately owned state-of-the-art facilities of 1,200 sq.m. in Ialysos of Rhodes and the products are manufactured in two of the most modern production units of cosmetic products with many years of experience and specialization in this field. Its goal is to create pure, safe and effective products based on organic olive oil, donkey milk, organic aloe and argan oil for the care and care of hair, face and body, suitable for all types and ages. With specially selected raw materials, respect for the environment and animals, state-of-the-art expertise of specialized cosmetologists and dedication to continuous improvement and research, it is pleased to present you top quality products based on pure and beneficial ingredients of Greek (and not only) nature.

The development of its products is based on two axes:

1) In the applied research for the development of its products.

2) In its commitment to highlight the beneficial properties (basically) of Greek organic olive oil and other natural raw materials but also to avoid the use of harmful chemicals such as parabens, alcohol, propylene glycol and many more.

Based on these principles, we presented the largest series of cosmetics in the country (with 150+ products), with respect to the ancient Greek history dedicated to the Goddess Athena (who donated the olive to the Athenians), called “Athena’s Treasures” with its main ingredient 100% Greek organic olive oil. The series of cosmetics “Aloe Treasures” from 100% Greek organic aloe, then the series of cosmetics with 100% Greek donkey milk “Donkey Milk Treasures” and the series of cosmetics “Argan Treasures” based on organic argan oil. Also available is a complete line of sunscreen and parapharmaceutical products “Dream Tan” and “Pharmaid” respectively, as well as the new line of sunscreen products in travel packaging ”Aegean Sun” now having in its collection a variety of products with more than 400+ items.

Judging by the numerous sales of previous years and the flattering comments of consumers who trusted us, with the response of these series in the Greek market and abroad to have a great impact, our company has developed a complete network of partners and sellers throughout the country , so our goals continue to be achieved and we must evolve to offer an even more comprehensive beauty care, always aiming to satisfy the end consumer and have the perfect value for money & service. Pharmaid’s marketing & communication department as well as its sales network are working tirelessly so that its products now reach all over the world. All our products have a unique number from the European Cosmetics Products Notification Portal (CPNP), are produced with ISO standard certification and have many more certificates.

Our effort for the further development of our company but especially our faith in the quality and efficiency of the products, pushed us to the decision to look for serious and reliable partners around the world to sell our products in local markets or elsewhere with our cosmetic products which have excellent quality, high aesthetic appearance, organized production and distribution department of the products in any requested quantity, but mainly high profit return in all stages of sale. In recent years our product lines are now exported to various countries such as: Russia, England, Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania and Cyprus , something that gives us the conviction of the possibility of organized exports and the choice-cooperation in other countries with any seriously interested. Our commitment is the commitment to research for the development of our product, the modern and certified production conditions, but mainly the support and honesty among our partners.

Our company also plans and informs you from time to time about its participation in selected international exhibitions in various European cities or other activities and it would be a great pleasure for us to meet closely to get an idea of ​​our promotions and new products and to explore together the possibility of a successful commercial cooperation. For more information and information about the company and its product lines visit our website, send an email to, or call +30 22410 47783.

Success is a given, the decision is yours …

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Stamatiou Vasilis (Communication and Export Manager)