G.S. Mini 11 (Shampoo – Hair Mask 60ml & Soap 100gr)


  1. Gentle shampoo with organic olive leaf extract and natural aroma.
  2. Moisturizing mask (without rinsing) for all hair types. With organic olive oil, olive leaf extract and silk proteins.
  3. Olive oil soap on ecological paper, with organic olive oil extract and natural aroma.

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  1. Enhanced with vitamins A, E, F, panthenol and keratin proteins suitable for all hair types. Contains ingredients that help rebuild, nourish and hydrate hair.
  2. Enhanced with sunscreen, vitamins A, E, panthenol, moisturizing and conditioning ingredients. Instructions for use : Apply a sufficient amount to dry or wet hair by gently massaging with your fingers all over the head. It does not rinse. Your hair acquires shine, strength and vitality while at the same time being kept easy to comb and soft.
  3. Suitable for the whole body and face. Cleanses, moisturizes and leaves your skin smooth and soft.

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