Gift Set Mini 23 (Hand Cream Natural & Foot Cream Tea Tree Oil 60ml & Soap 100gr)


  1. Moisturizing cream for dry and chapped hands, with organic olive oil, olive leaf extract, organic aloe and natural aroma.
  2. Repairing cream for cracked heels, with organic olive oil, olive leaf extract and tea tree oil.
  3. Olive oil soap on ecological paper, with organic olive oil extract and natural aroma.

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  1. Rich in vitamins A, E, shea butter, glycerin and moisturizing ingredients. It softens, nourishes & protects your hands while moisturizing the skin, offering it elasticity and a velvety feeling of softness. Does not lubricate and is absorbed immediately.
  2. Enhanced with vitamins A, E, Shea butter, urea, moisturizing and emollient ingredients. It softens and cools giving back to your skin its lost elasticity. Does not lubricate.
  3. Suitable for the whole body and face. Cleanses, moisturizes and leaves your skin smooth and soft.

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